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Name:: Katrina
Age:: 17
Location:: Pennsylvania
Zodiac sign{Star Sign}::Taurus
Sexuality::Equal opportunity employer

Type of music?::i like a wide range..
Bands{Name Ten}:: Skinny puppy, katatonia, veruca salt, acid bath, lollipop lust kill, opeth, skycamefalling, orgy, vnv nation, nevermore, ani difranco, wumpscut, moonspell, nightwish.. thats too many.. sorry XD
Movies::fight club, edward scissorhands, Gone in 60 seconds, The crow
Books:: Kiss the Girls- James Patterson, anything by him really.. he's amazing!
Tv programes::futurama, family guy, inuyasha, cowboy bebop, simpsons, aqua teen hunger force and the like ^.^
Animal:: sugar gliders.. no idea what they are.. they're adorable.. see..

Food::chicken alfredo/ dessert- tiramisu
Fruit:: strawberries, kiwis, grapefruit..
Drink:: grape juice, sprite
Night club:: the lazerdome, when i used to go..
Item of clothing::my lace up boots.. or my new silky dress cuz it feels cool ^.^


Animal Rights:: i love animals... they're so loving and always there for you to make you smile.. how can you be sad when your holding a puppy? i dont see how people could abuse animals.. monsters *growls*
War:: i dont like the thought that my friends and family are going out to kill or be killed.. i thought we were more intelligent than that
Same sex marriages:: i think its bold and beautiful to openly say you are in love with someone, even if it is against the grain of society
George Bush::.. our president almost died choking on a pretzel.. between you and me.. i was rooting for the pretzel the whoolle time
Abortion::im pro-choice, but only for the fact that i dont believe rape victims should have to bear a child to their attacker..
Violence::not a fan of it at all.. how can someone hit another person out of immense frusteration and wound or kill them? family abuse is a sad thing.. i wish something existed to stop it..
Stereo-types:: im not a fan of 'because you dress this way this is how you act' or 'your not smart because you wear gothic clothing' its so immature and annoying
Immaturity:: immaturity can be excessivly obnoxious.. but it can also be cute.. examples.. obnoxious- sibling jumping on your bed to wake you up in the morning cute-- when my boyfriend and i pretend we're in kindergarten and tell each other we love the other in little kid voices..

before i even start this.. I in no way shape or form claim to be goth.. at all. i'm just me.
Name Six Gothic bands::skinny puppy, vnv nation, the cure *mmmm robert is sexy*, siouxsie & the banshees, the birthday party, london after midnight, joy division.. thats 7.. oops XD
Give me a detailed explanation on how the scene started:: im not a gothic dictionary or anything.. so i appologize if this is off.. but wasnt it somewhere in the early 80's starting with bands like siouxsie and the cure.. it was something rising out of the blowup scene punk created if i am correct.. sorry to all those i offend if im wrong!!! please just inform me.. im curious!
Name three types of goth:: glitter goth, cyber, pinup goths *such pretty ladies too*
Name two famous goths::bowie *cuz he's so pretty*, robert smith *cuz he's always going to be the most gorgeous of them all*
Name any well known goth club:: nothing i can come up with *blush* my appologies.. i live in a sheltered society where they only have those 'gangster' night clubs..

What makes you an Alt Doll?:: i like the way i look.. and i like dressing up and doing my makeup to look beautiful.. or attempt it XD
What type of goth would you say that you're?::i dont really consider myself a goth.. i just figure I'm me.. and you can brand me what you chose ^.^
Promote to one community or person and tell us who/where:: _dist0rtedimage, a community i mod
Do you think that you will get accepted?:: that my loves, is up to you to decide ^.^

Three clear Shots of your face or body.<3

*sorry if its showy*

and my cheesy little smile ^.^ XD

hope you enjoy <333
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