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Name: Josh
Age: 24
Location: Indiana
Zodiac sign{Star Sign}: Gemini
Sexuality: bi-curious, light crossdresser

Type of music?: any. no post 70s country, no post mid-90s rap. It ultimately depends on what mood I'm in.

Bands{Name Ten}: Diva Destruction, Einsturzende Neubauten, Depeche Mode, Rammstein, Jack Off Jill (the band now known as Scarling hehe), Sisters of Mercy, Two Witches, Switchblade Symphony, some Bauhaus, Sex Pistols

Movies: Der Blauer Engel, Das Kabinet des Dr. Caligari, Metropolis, Monty Python films, Saving Private Ryan, Life is Beautiful, Chocolat, Amelie, The Patriot, Pirates of the Caribbean, Gladiator, Glory, Gods and Generals (I'm a eurotrash history buff...what can I say?)

Books: At the risk of sounding stereotypical, the Satanic Bible is a damn good read. I highly recommend it. The Diary of Anne Frank, Beethoven's biography, Voltaire, the Marquis de Sade's works; and I want to begin working on the books that the Vatican has banned. This list has been around for about 500 years, folks. hehe

Tv programes: Absolutely Fabulous, Are You Being Served?, Keeping Up Appearances (pseudo-borgesoie [sp?] British suburbanite humor), Waiting for God, Poirot (stupid A&E suits cancelled it! Bastards. Oh well, I've read most of Agatha Christie's Poirot and Miss Marple anyhoo), Monty Python

Animal: I love cats!

Food: Meat. And lots of it. hehe Potato chips, too. mmmm

Fruit: Oranges are nice.

Drink: Coffee, tea, milk, soda, water, anything alcoholic except Absinthe (oh no! I might not get in now! ;P) and Everclear - I like my liver too much. I'm attached to it really.

Night club: The club scene? Indiana? Surely you jest. hehe But if you really must know fetish clubs are OK. But all together clubs get very redundant very quickly.

Item of clothing: My fire boots. Five inch heels, 2.5 inch platforms, knee high, lace up. (ooo I'm so naughty) I have a pair of men's boots too that I adore - black, knee high, false lace-up, false buckle, zip sides, 2 inch heels. I feel like I have a ten inch dick when I wear them.

Animal Rights: Support, but just none of that PETA nonsense. All you smelly, 80s Volvo driving, extreme left wingers can piss off with your dirty looks when I'm tryin' to eat my steak. j/k (kinda)

War: Oppose

Same sex marriages: Support. My question is why does W care? Apparently while revelling in all of his homophobic glory, he's forgotten his Freud. It adds up I suppose - I mean he was a cheerleader at Yale. He was also expelled from Yale - hehe.

George Bush: Definitely oppose. He's a liar, a hypocrite, and a coward. We all know the big lie he told. But W was also a deserter in WARTIME. He ran off to AL back in the early 70s to get out of his Air Nat'l Guard tour of duty. Funny how his propaganda machine can allow a man like him to buddy up with the military. Too bad the military here didn't follow the French Foreign Legion's policy on dealing with deserters, huh? hehe

Abortion: Oppose, except in situations such as rape, incest, or where either the baby or the mom's life is in danger.

Violence: Oppose, except in self-defense.

Stereo-types: Too broad of a question. I mean there are positive stereotypes. I do, however, oppose the mentality behind stereotyping though.

Immaturity: Nothing wrong with a little immaturity once in a while, is there?

Name Six Gothic bands: Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy, Alien Sex Fiend, Two Witches, Switchblade Symphony, Scarling (the band formerly known as Jack Off Jill...sorry, couldn't resist)

Give me a detailed explanation on how the scene started: Now I'm not going to feed you all that malarky about "Goth" being centuries old and all that. Gothic artists, architechts, and Roman-era Germanic barbarians were not "Goths". I can't picture a bunch of people back in the sixth or twelfth century dressed all in black leaning against tombstones smoking cloves (lmao). But as far as I know, "Goth" was an offshoot of the late 70s punk movement in England, with the first Goth act being good ole Bauhaus. The "Goth" movement really gained impetus in the early and mid-80s (a la Alien Sex Fiend, Sisters) and really took off when it swept Germany and mixed with German Industrial in the late 80s early 90s. Not exactly a dissertation, I know. hehe

Name three types of goth: Corporate, Antiquity, Glitter.

Name two famous goths: The Visigoths and the Ostro-goths...hehe sorry. Well, famous people whom I consider goth may not be your opinion of goth.

Name any well known goth club: The Slimelight in Islington (London borough), England.

What makes you an Alt Doll?: My tastes, I guess. You tell me, it's your silly club. j/k

What type of goth would you say that you're?: Eh, a mix of Antiquity, Industrial, and Corporate...heh, I'm a "me" goth.

Promote to one community or person and tell us who/where: Umm, gothee shop, maybe? They're right here on Live Journal.

Do you think that you will get accepted?: I'm like Switzerland, baby! (neutral) But I guess I'd like to...I mean I'd really hate to have filled out this silly thing in vain. hehe
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