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because 'amnionflawed' really knows how to make me waste time online...

my application...


Name:: Diana
Age:: 16
Location:: New jersey
Zodiac sign{Star Sign}:: Sag
Sexuality:: I don’t really think that any label will fit my sexual preference. Bi-sexual seems like a desperate, horny person term. But I suppose if I really had to label it’d be along the lines of pansexual.

Type of music?:: Industrial, electronic, trip-hop, dark-wave, drum and bass, new wave, riot grrl, ambient, break beat, industrial noise
Bands{Name Ten}:: currently…..the cure, pj Harvey, siouxsie, portishead, lamb, vast, sonic youth, Skinny puppy, project pitchfork, massive attack, hooverphonic, hocico, goldfrapp, front line assembly, Einstürzende Neubauten, dismantled….
Movies:: the 5th element, the boondock saints, vampire hunter D, se7en, aliens, Donnie darko, the fight club, Harriet the spy
Books:: Less than zero (Bret Easton Ellis)
Tv programes:: anything on IFC, adult swim, and the-n
Animal:: probably............................................lemmings?
Food:: I’ll eat anything.
Fruit:: Pomegranates! And anything sour.
Drink:: lemon juice
Night club:: I’m only 16….
Item of clothing:: My pinstripe 1930s style dress and combat boots.

Animal Rights:: I think I love animals more than I do most of the human race. So…I think you can figure it out.
War:: I’m generally called a hippie by many people for having “anti-war” views and thinking bush is just a self-righteous, hotheaded tyrant. Thought sometimes war is necessary when in defense.
Same sex marriages:: Not a problem at all. I don’t think Jesus would be very happy if he saw how people have interpreted his teachings of…what was it…oh yea… tolerance.
George Bush:: scares the shit out of me. And not just his face.
Abortion:: I don’t support for it can be abused as an easy way for horny people to not using a condom and not worry about baring children…but I do feel it is necessary for a woman to choose and under conditions such as financial, sometimes age, rape… and others…
Violence:: I’m too passive of a person to support violence. Violence is for people who can’t think and use their brains as a cleaner alternative.
Stereo-types:: I loathe them quite a bit…but that doesn’t mean they are going anywhere. People feel safer pre-judging.
Immaturity:: everyone is in some respects…just some are better at not flaunting it around and being annoying with it.

Name Six Gothic bands:: joy division, the cure, sisters of mercy, the smiths, siouxsie and the banshees, Bauhaus, belle morte, the mission uk, Claire voyant, dead can dance, clan of xymox, the legendary pink dots, hungry Lucy, queen adreena, Rosetta stone, play dead, Cocteau twins, Gene Loves Jezebel, depeche mode, echo and the bunnymen, London after midnight….that enough?
Give me a detailed explanation on how the scene started:: It stemmed off the “punk” scene in the early 80s. the cure, Bauhaus, siouxsie and the banshees, joy division, sisters of mercy, the smiths and so on…. were some of the bands at the beginning who inspired some of the crap out today.
Name three types of goth:: Cyber, romantic, uber scene fucks
Name two famous goths:: Ian Curtis, Robert smith, siouxsie herself…
Name any well known goth club:: I don’t go to goth clubs…alas I’m only 16….but I know of The batcave and The haven.

What makes you an Alt Doll?:: I’m probably not.
What type of goth would you say that you're?:: I’m not. I just find it interesting that I get lumped in the category by morons who live to judge and label.
Promote to one community or person and tell us who/where:: Laura
Do you think that you will get accepted?:: No, actually.

Three clear Shots of your face or body.<3

looking really drunk…when I had long hair.

my friends made me look trendy for a day…

The day I cut my hair… ::sigh::
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