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Name:: Hillary.
Age:: Thirteen.
Location:: A very small town, Maryland.
Zodiac sign{Star Sign}:: Virgo.
Sexuality:: Straight

Type of music?:: Industrial. EBM. Darkwave. Old school punk. Street punk. Oi! Punk. Ethereal.
Bands{Name Ten}:: just ten…Hanzel und gretyl. Orgy. Joy division. The Dead Milkmen. kill hannah. Android Lust. Dope stars inc. Lower class brats. Murderdolls. Deadstar assembly.
Movies:: Hackers. Lost boys. To Wang fu thanks for everything Julie Numair.
Books:: The handmaids tale. Slammerkin. 1700: scenes from London life. ( comics = me loves)
Tv programes:: Invader zim. Family guy. Inyuasha. Futurama. Chi chian (it isn’t on TV, but it is a great mini series on the sci fi website). My so called life. I love the ‘90s.
Animal:: cats or horses.
Food:: Snowcones.
Fruit:: grapes.
Drink:: Smirnoff.
Night club:: I don’t go to any because of the distance.
Item of clothing:: hm…so many…well it isn’t clothing, but I am in the process of making yarn hair falls…it is love already<3
Animal Rights:: I am a vegetarian, but mostly because I don’t feel like I have the right to take life( I know, I know plants are alive…and yes I feel guilty for it). I am pro- animal liberation and all, but not exactly some kind of activist.
War:: I think that often times wars are started when other actions could have been taken to better the situation. Although in times of defense it seems completely logical. Not all countries are going to run the same type of government, that is no reason to go to war.
Same sex marriages:: Well, as far as it goes in the USA I always thought we were a democracy not a theocracy. Basically, I’m all for it.
George Bush:: It seems to be a trend to hate him now days and that sickens me. I have no problem when people have valid reasons for their anti- Bush cries, but often they answer me with none. He isn’t the best but I hate Kerry.
Abortion:: I am pro abortion. They aren’t asking to live or die so it makes sense to place the decision in the hands of the mother. Children are basically the property of their parents*** once they are born anyways.
Violence:: Is often impulsive and not the best direction to take. Those who lash out often regret it, yet do not change their behavior.
Stereo-types:: I consider them adjectives, although sometimes what they are supposed to mean is distorted over time or through media.
Immaturity:: No problem with it. Not everyone wants to grow up.

Name Six Gothic bands:: Bauhaus. Joy division. London after midnight. Cruxshadows. The cure. Siouxesie
( I’m bad with labels.)
Give me a detailed explanation on how the scene started:: Goth was a branch off from the punk sub-culture. I know…not exactly detailed.
Name three types of goth:: Haha..er. .net Goths. Period Goths. Kinder Goths.
Name two famous goths:: Robert and Ian
Name any well known goth club:: Alchemy. Nocturne.

What makes you an Alt Doll?:: I’m not sure. Perhaps nothing.
What type of goth would you say that you're?:: I again am not particularly sure. It is hard for me to answer these because I strongly believe in something I cannot spell and keeps coming up as sophism. Heh, my bad spelling and pronunciation will be my downfall.
Promote to one community or person and tell us who/where:: It is a community for this awesome comic Writhe and shine. http://www.livejournal.com/community/cafemucha/
Do you think that you will get accepted?:: I’m not sure, if I could tell the future I’d be rich. I kind of doubt it because I’m young and not very pleasing to look at.

Three clear Shots of your face or body.<3

Sorry the links didn't work! I should've used "tag" apparently. *hits head on desk*

Ryan shuck (orgy) and I.

No clue what it is I am holding. (I think it may be a cupcake)

Me on the viewers left, squinting in the sunshine...and no my nose isn't really lop-sided, I think.

Me on the left again...not exactly ready for the pic

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