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I don't know how to use ljcut so deal with it.
Name:: Ben
Age:: 15
Location:: Columbus Ohio
Zodiac sign{Star Sign}:: Tarus
Sexuality:: heterosexual

Type of music?:: darkwave/old school punk/alternitive
Bands{Name Ten}:: The Cure, The Bolshoi, The Dead Kennedys, Christian Death, The Sisters of Mercy, 1919, Alice in Chains, The Cramps, The Misfits, Into a Circle
Movies::Wizards, Alice
Books::Lost Souls, Drawing Blood, Inferno,
Tv programes::documentarys on the kkk, nazis and controversy
Animal::Cat, Mouse
Drink::Carbonated Water
Night club::The High Five
Item of clothing::jean jacket

Animal Rights::sure.. why not...
Same sex marriages::go for it.
George Bush::who cares?
Abortion::more of it.
Violence::only when necsisary
Stereo-types::fine with me, just get it right.
Immaturity:: should be treasured.

Name Six Gothic bands:: The Sisters, The Cure, Bauhaus,Siouxsie & the Banshees, The Cult, Alien Sex Fiend (though i don't like ASF)
Give me a detailed explanation on how the scene started:: It pretty much spawned from the Punk subculture back in 77 or somewhere around then. Fans of Bauhaus started wearing all black and others followed. I wasn't alive, i don't know all the details.
Name three types of goth:: Romantic, Vampire, Old School
Name two famous goths:: Robert Smith, Poppy Z. Brite,
Name any well known goth club:: Outland

What makes you an Alt Doll?:: Is this a job application?
What type of goth would you say that you're?:: old school
Promote to one community or person and tell us who/where::um.. realgothicyouth is okay i suppose.
Do you think that you will get accepted?::yeah.. i'm sooo sure. dawg.

Three clear Shots of your face or body.<3
me in a graveyard

I only have one. Anyone want to buy me a scanner or webcam?
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