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Name:: Sianni
Age:: heh – tis my birthday tomorrow. 28 big ones
Location:: Sydney, Australia
Zodiac sign{Star Sign}:: Cancer/Dragon
Sexuality:: Straight usually.

Type of music?:: a variety, no one favourite. From all sorts of heavy metal to bossa nova and most things in between
Bands{Name Ten}:: Iron Maiden, Zeca Pagodinho, Sisters of Mercy, Fundo de Quintal, Manowar, Kiss, George Michael, Tom Jobim, Gilberto Gil and I’ll go for Motley Crue as my last one.
Movies:: anything by Pedro Almodovar.
Books:: Fantasy, classics, a lot of the Penguin Modern Classics, gothic-period literature (Le Fanu, etc), Asian stuff… just about everything. I love books
Tv programes:: Dr Who and Law & Order (all 3) I don’t watch much TV.
Animal:: Horse & Cat
Food:: ohhh… all types, as long as it’s good. I don’t do McCrap or any sort of foods like that. I love fine dining. I love cooking too. As long as it’s fresh, organic and has no sugar, it tends to be good. I’m a bit of a food elitist heh.
Fruit:: watermelon, honeydew, rockmelon, banana, kiwi, oranges – EVERYTHING except for durian
Drink:: water. If you meant alcoholic, then Campari and soda with a slice of lemon or lime thanks.
Night club:: I hardly go clubbing anymore.
Item of clothing:: My red strappy high heeled beauties with chinese silk brocadey insides. *swoon*

Animal Rights:: I prefer animals to people generally. I get more upset when I see animals mistreated than people. I have this thing whereby I think people can to an extent help themselves (not talking about starving babies in Rwanda or anything like that – they’re still babies, they can’t help themselves), whereas animals are unfortunately at the mercy of arseholes who mistreat them because they “don’t feel anything”. ARGH!!!!
War:: Sucks. If it was honourable (ish) combat like in Fantasy novels, hand to hand and all that I could almost see some point in it, but really? No, I’m a peace hippie.
Same sex marriages:: As long as you’re happy, I’m happy.
George Bush:: ARGH!!!
Abortion:: Pro-Choice all the way. There should be more support and less psychotic pro-lifers killing doctors who perform that often necessary procedure. So hypocritical – a pro-lifer killing a person… heh.
Violence:: I’m peace and love. But I like watching martial arts movies and yes, I also practice martial arts and like to kick some arse too. I don’t like it that I have a violent side, but I admit I do.
Stereo-types:: meh, they’re a part of life.
Immaturity:: you eventually grow out of it. Or at least partly anyway!

Name Six Gothic bands:: Sisters of Mercy, Covenant, Siouxie & The Banshees, can I include some industrial? – Front 242, KMFDM, my fave is Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, The Cure, etc etc…
Give me a detailed explanation on how the scene started:: Oh some 80’s thing. I never bothered to research it’s origins. I just liked the dressing up bit and the music.
Name three types of goth:: Uber-Goth, Industrial Goth and Kinder-Goth (these are Sydney terms from 10 years ago – I dunno if they have nay new terms floating around!)
Name two famous goths:: Nick Cave keeps being steretyped as goth and let’s see… Robert Smith is the obvious cop-out pick. I’ll say Edgar Alan Poe. Heh. At least his stories were “goth”
Name any well known goth club:: In Sydney we have got Die Maschine and some other one that I forgot the name. Used to have Nocturne, Sanctuary, Shrine. They all closed.

What makes you an Alt Doll?:: Nothing really, I just saw an add for the community and was bored at work.
What type of goth would you say that you're?:: I WAS an industrial goth. I’d always be wearing the vinyl and things like that rather than dresses and velvet and so on. I was always more heavy metal than goth anyway.
Promote to one community or person and tell us who/where:: I’ll promote in fantasy_realm
Do you think that you will get accepted?:: heh, doesn’t bother me either way to tell the truth :)

Three clear Shots of your face or body.<3

These are from a couple of recent jaunts to goth clubs. I tend to go about once a year these days.

I’m on the right. The friend on the left used to go out clubbing with us all the time.

I’m on the left. The fried on the right has been goth for ages, since we were in high school. We were a bit of a trio us three (top left and bottom right).

And lastly, this is from about 10 years ago:

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