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Name::Rain or Rainy (short for Lorraine)
Age:: 25
Location:: Western Mass
Zodiac sign{Star Sign}::Taurus/Taurus rising
Sexuality::Enjoy all flavors

Type of music?::Not to toot but I'm an author and music is food for my mind. So it depends on what mood or scene I'm trying to paint in a story;

Bands{Name Ten}::just a few from all ranges...Sarah Brightman (Opera singer in Phantom of the Opera), Type O Negative, The Cure, The Smiths, Life of Agony, H2O, Deftones, will throw on celtic + bagpipe tunes when needed and/or desired, The Streets (my nephew just got me into them), Louie Armstrong and Billie me they are the music when they sing it. Vast variety, but such is life....

Run Lola, Run
B Horror classics (Army of Darkness, Dead Alive-gotta love the cheese)
Boondock Saints
The Red Violin
Once Upon a Time in Mexico

Journey to Ixland, Teachings of Don Juan
The White Goddess
The Kabolion
Lizard Music (My 10y.o. is reading it to me>cool because I get to laugh with him)
...and as lame as it may sound, my to know where words come from and why we use 'em.

Tv programes::
Don't watch much of it at all, but when I di it's usually...
Malcom in the Middle (my boys love it)
or a documentary or history channel...again; the need to know with me

love the Sloth
Butterflies...I am completly fearful of them; who knows why. But at the same time am bewildered by their beauty

at home I cook and love Italian
out I love BBQ from the "Ma and Pa" place on the corner
order in definitly chinese
....and Cocoa Puffs...mmm

core out an apple, toss some peanut butter in, let it harden in the fridge, slice it

Coffee...not because it's trendy, but because I'm addicted
Iced tea
don't really drink liquor, but if I do...
Snakebite or Mead that my friend just taught me how to make

Night club::
ummm...became a mom at 15 so clubs have never been my thing. But there is one place that I do go on occasion where you are what you are and it's "all good" Phat Cats

Item of clothing::
Have a thing for taking the non-clothing items and making them my own, i.e. Vintage, mustard colored, lace tablecloth that I thought was too pretty to sit on a table to become stained so I made it into a nearly floor length skirt. I like to look like nothing else you're going to see.

Animal Rights::
Protesters have their reasons as well as fur coat wearers. If the government were to side with one and remove the rights from another, then slowly we'd become a dictatorship. Which ever side you are on you have to realize that the other side has their rights too. Personaly I have never hunted but have made myself skin a deer head before just so I could "know of it"; an American-Indian woman taught me and also showed me how to give thanks to the animal for it's life.

Can understand why it happens but just can't comprehend how our nation, at times, puts on a persona of being the "big helper". We rushed into this thing now but where were we a few years back in Africa when we allowed two tribes to wipe themselves out. We had every excuse in the book for not being there. Could it be that we don't act until there is something for us to gain? Huh...I wonder...
In life there has to be balance I suppose

Same sex marriages::
I say go for it. If you're lucky enough to fall that deeply in love and believe you two have what it takes for the long haul, then you deserve it. But let's cut the bullshit. People are up in arms about giving the same sex marriages the label of "marriage" because it's a biblical term that referes to Man and Woman. So fine, you come up with the "civil union" thing. But what the hell good is it when you won't even grant those who come together under the civil union the same rights as a married couple, i.e. permission to visit in hospital, health insurance. Ever hear of seperation of church and state?

George Bush::
ehh...they're all a part of the skull and crossbones anyways...we're disillusioned if we believe that there is still a difference of Republican and Democrat parties; the line thins with every generation. Him personally? I think he's a goob; but what do I know.

Simply put-
Pro-choice, not as birth control, not sure how I feel about past the first trimester seeing as premies have survived.

Sometimes there is no other choice. But for the stu-nods that like to act upon it randomly and prey on the weak and innocent, especially children; I say we reinstate the "eye for an eye" law. Wanna beat up an elderly woman and take her purse for shits and giggles? Tie the lad up to a pole in the local bingo hall and let the aged lasses have a go at 'em.

hahaha...I'm a prime example
kid having a kid
single mom
un-wed mother
white trash
kiss my ass upper middle class America. I am what I am and you are what you are...I have a name.

Like to practice it often, but there is a time and place for it all.

Name Six Gothic bands::
oye...this is where my "lack of communication with the outside world" comes in; bare with me...
Cure, although more new-wave
The Smiths (at least back in my day)
The Damned
Type O Negative
geez...that's all I have...I don't want to cheat and look it up, trying to be real here.

Give me a detailed explanation on how the scene started::
Branched out of the punk scene in the late 70's, early 80's with Doors and Bowie feeding it. It was a new and darker sound for the time...then it changing dramaticaly in the mid-80's I believe? Could be later...but now has developed into many different forms of it's own.
I know that there is a deeper history of it that began to spring from the Victorian era with art work and style of dress.

Name three types of goth::
Vampire? I see a lot of people with the teeth and stuff so I'm guessing this is another
...umm...then the chicks like me who alter table cloths into clothing and dress with a darker fashion scense because it's what they are and not what they're trying to be

Name two famous goths::
Peter Steele(I believe)
Christina Ricci? She just looks it to me

Name any well known goth club::
Hell...I'm not going to lie...I have no idea...but there is a spot off of Broadway that is underground, few know about it and when you go there, you're welcomed and soon come to realize that you aren't the only one...may not be popular but if it was it probably wouldn't be the same.
What makes you an Alt Doll?::
Not sure that I am but I'm sure that you will let me know.

What type of goth would you say that you're?::
again...the table cloth altering one

Promote to one community or person and tell us who/where::

sonnydeath she's a good egg

Do you think that you will get accepted?::
Really not sure. Would like to be but of course you all could have fallen asleep by now with my long-windedness. Never applied to a community before so I hope I did well and if not then I apologize in advance for taking up space.

Three clear Shots of your face or body.<3

some are photo shoped but just by's all I have on this PC till I figured out how I fried my other PC. Hope they're alright...

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
The best body shot that I have for now...sorry.

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